Al Qaeda

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Al Qaeda - Paul Cruickshank

Frequent claims of foiled plots; tighter monitoring of suspects and stronger global terror laws. On the flip side, a new safe haven emerging for terrorists in Pakistan; stories of terror cells springing up throughout North Africa; numerous recruits from Europe’s leading universities willing to sign up to the cause.

Al Qaeda: the current threat weighs up the facts. Are Al Qaeda (Al-Qaida) and its affiliates, responsible for the horrific attacks in New York, London and Madrid, finding it hard to be the force they once were, or should we be bracing ourselves for the next outrage?

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"For everyone who longs to be well-informed but lacks the time (or attention span)." Alex Clark, The Observer

Author Paul Cruickshank, is a fellow at the Center on Law and Security at New York University and frequently provides analysis on Al Qaeda and international security concerns to CNN, the Guardian and the New Republic.

ISBN: 978-0-9554415-7-8
Paperback: 128 pages
Published: October 2008