The poll has now closed in our healthy eating survey. Although the sample was not huge 85% of you registered as SHEEP – shoppers with healthy, environmentally engaged principles – good news for our collective health, for responsible food production and for the stewardship of our environment.

It’s been an fast moving year for the big global issues. We’ve seen the continued march towards discerning food shopping and witnessed a further shift in public opinion around climate and energy saving. The Commonwealth Heads of Government meeting and the Bali conference (albeit frustrating) indicated a global acceptance that we need to act fast. It will be interesting to see how 2008 pans out – a year of consolidation after the promises?

For Pocket Issue, next year we’ll be tackling issues related to food and the environment: obesity and pandemics – and one that isn’t related, money. We hope you’ll join the debate. A very happy holiday from Pocket Issue and we look forward to sharing an informed 2008.

85% shop with healthy and environmentally engaged principles