Two interesting climate change stories in the news this week: from tipping points to fasting Bishops.

A new report from University of East Anglia suggests climate change may happen faster than we thought, in that there are key tipping points which may cause dramatic rather than slow and steady changes to our environment and climate.

Tipping points are something we discuss with interest in Pocket Issue, Global Warming and it’s fascinating to see how this report will be received by the international scientific community, and whether it leads to further pressure for more timely action from world leaders?

Two Anglican Bishops, the Bishops of London and Liverpool, are showing strong climate change leadership this week with their call for all Christians to hold a carbon ‘fast’ for lent, the annual fasting period from this week through to Easter.

The ‘fast’ includes checking your house for insulation and drafts to save energy as well as using fewer plastic bags. The Bishop’s want to draw attention to the suffering in Africa of those displaced by floods or drought, both possible effects of climate change.

Climate tipping points and carbon fasting